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For Photographers

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Hey  everyone, my name is Michael Lee aka and i've been in business for 17 years and a photographer for 10+ years. I originally started off as a music artist/producer and then transitioned into a photographer after purchasing my first camera. For the past couple of years i've been receiving a ton of request from photographers , and retouchers asking to learn my techniques. So to keep the culture of photography moving forward I decided to offer 1 on 1 classes to help photographers learn about photography business , camera settings , lighting techniques , and retouching. 

As the photography community is growing you will have access to so many tools and resources that I didn't have when i was first starting my career. So if your are ready to learn and become the next BIG Photographer, or just interested in learning new skills to become a hobbyist. Im here to help! 

Who Are We

Learn your camera.            Business       Lighting , Posing & Retouching 

Are you still learning photography and need help figuring everything out?  Are you looking to learn how to shoot in manual, properly light your subject , as well as learn specific camera settings and terms?  There are so many things to learn about photography and become overwhelming if you aren't properly educated on your camera and its functions. So if you are interested in learning, here are a few topics thats included in my introduction course.

Learn how to: 
Shoot in Manual Mode
What Iso, Aperture, Shutter Speed is
How to Meter Properly 
How to use your camera & not just push a button and hope for the best.
How light works to make your photos what they are.  


Online or In Person - 1hr learning your camera.
Single Mothers who just want to learn their camera a little better 


Online or In Person - 1hr learning your camera.
In depth on learning Manual Mode & What everything means.  

One On One 


It's easy to get  information all over the internet these days, from You Tube to TikTok and every place in between. 
But, there is a difference between business and BS.  Maybe you have a ton of questions and little time to research for the correct answers.  Or maybe you don't learn well from videos and need to speak with a professional.   

Whatever it might be... a one on one mentoring session with me could be what you are looking for.  

You may pick my brain about anything business related .. with whatever questions you have.
Topics we could discuss: 

Getting Started (Business basics)
Website & Portfolio Review
Defining & Building Your Brand
Client Communications & Workflow
The Client Experience & Managing Expectations
Social Media 
In Person Sales
Senior Rep Programs

We can speak via Phone, facetime, zoom etc.   -Whichever works best for you. 

If you are local in person sessions can be done as well- Add on headshots for $50. 

1 hour


Full Business


This mentoring workshop will go over every detail in and out of my business & how I run it. 

Being that this workshop will have tons of information, I will provide you with 2-3 days of education along with 3-4 hours per day, via Zoom , phone , or facetime. 

In Person - 2 consecutive days (4hrs each day) 
*Location will be announced at booking 

Photography Light

Every topic we will go over: 

Business Branding
Website & Review
Hard drives & the Cloud
Insurance & Contracts
Client Management & Workflow
Client Experience & Lounges 
Where to find clients / Marketing 
Booking Clients
Social Media
Cost of doing Business 
Seo/ Google 
In person sales
Rep Programs
& more!




One of the hardest parts in photography is actually learning how to see colors.  It's something that develops overtime or if you are lucky you already are good at it.   Calibrated Monitors really come into play when you are editing your images. One of the next hardest things to do is develop your style. No worries i will be teaching you how to do both and become successful at them!

Online: Anything Shooting, Posing, Editing
1hr Call

In-Person 1 Hour

Suggested topic questions 

How I edit a wedding in less than a week. 
Photoshop work - using liquify, layers, levels etc.
How to Cull Faster & What to look for.
How I proof & what I do after.
How to use ACR (Adobe Camera Raw/ Bridge) 
How to make a preset 


Why I back button focus & how to set it up
Best time to shoot & why
How to look for light
Posing tips 


Want to learn hands on how I run a session? 
What goes through my brain? 
What I say... How I pose.. 


You can set up a session - or I can

(Must be in DFW)


-Watch me cull the images

-Edit 1-2 Full Images

Online Retouching- 1Hour


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