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Dream Big

Dream Big

In this world we are surrounded about billions of people daily. Although we don’t interact with everyone in the world we are still surrounded by them. With the internet , we have access to billions of people right in the palm of our hands. With that 1 tool alone we have the power to change the world. Starting today , I would like for each and everyone of you to DREAM BIG. Back home in Louisiana there is a clothing brand called “Dream Big Or Live Small”. This message is so true because if you are wanting this huge massive home , or this beautiful sports car , while living in a poverty environment or working at a place which doesn’t pay you enough to afford either of those, then that is a BIG Dream. But lets say that you can afford to have a 10 Million dollar home and a 4 $100,000 dollar cars, but you are dreaming of owning a home that cost $10,000 and a car that cost $2000 then to me that’s not a dream because you have the means to do that at any second or minute that you please. So instead of waking up everyday and going through out life taking what it gives you , let's dream big and require something much bigger and better for our lives so that we can change our reality and really see the huge impact of our lives that we deserve!

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