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Life With IcedUp Mike Series 1 Ep1 (Butterfly Rodgers)

Wassup World , I’m super excited to announce that i just started my own reality tv show called “Life With IcedUp Mike” , which can only be viewed on my website www.icedupphotography.

Today i filmed Series 1 Ep. 1 featuring upcoming Dallas music artist @_butterflyrogers. Today we shot for the cover of her New single “Get in There” so stay tuned.

S/o to @chaselynwade for this amazing custom outfit , it was perfect for the shoot. As you can see in the video , the details were amazing. It was also amazing working with the talented makeup artist @ashworthbeauty , the look that he did matched the outfit perfectly.

Please follow everyone below in the credits


Artist @_butterflyrogers

Makeup by @ashworthbeauty

Outfit by @chaselynwade

Studio @icedupstudios

Photos/Video @icedupphotography

Music production @icedupphotography

Extra music @citygirls

Lighting @studios

Be sure to subscribe to for more episodes

Subscription is only $10 a month

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