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1. Introduction to Photography (1 hour):

   - Understanding the basics of photography

   - Overview of different types of cameras and lenses

   - Explaining exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO


2. Camera Settings and Controls (1 hour):

   - Navigating camera menus and settings

   - Mastering shooting modes (Auto, Manual, Aperture Priority, etc.)

   - Understanding white balance and metering modes


3. Composition and Framing (1 hour):

   - Rule of thirds and other composition techniques

   - Working with lines, shapes, and patterns

   - Exploring different perspectives and angles


4. Lighting Techniques (1 hour):

   - Natural lighting techniques (golden hour, backlighting, etc.)

   - Introduction to flash photography and artificial lighting

   - Using reflectors and diffusers to control light


5. Understanding Exposure (1.5 hours):

   - In-depth explanation of exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed, ISO)

   - Balancing exposure for different shooting situations

   - Handling challenging lighting conditions


6. Post-Processing Basics (1.5 hours):

   - Introduction to photo editing software (e.g., Adobe Lightroom)

   - Enhancing colors, contrast, and sharpness

   - Basic retouching techniques


7. Composition and Genre Exploration (1 hour):

   - Exploring different photography genres (portraits, landscapes, street photography, etc.)

   - Applying composition principles to different genres

   - Developing a personal style and vision


8. Practical Sessions and Critiques (1 hour):

   - Hands-on shooting exercises

   - Reviewing and critiquing participant's work

   - Providing personalized feedback and guidance


Additional Inclusions:

- Course materials and handouts

- Q&A sessions throughout the course

- Access to an online photography community for continued support and networking


By providing a comprehensive training program that covers these topics, along with the additional inclusions, we ensure that beginners receive a solid foundation in photography. The value of this training package is $2200, reflecting the expertise, personalized guidance, and resources provided to kickstart their photography journey.

1:1 Private 2 Day Photography Training Course

$2,300.00 Regular Price
$2,000.00Sale Price


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